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Every movement counts!

Here's a thought for the new year - every movement counts. We are used to thinking of exercise as CrossFit, running marathons, and expensive Peloton machine. However, sometimes just making an effort to incorporate more movement in your daily routine can help keep you fit and active. Here are some ideas:

  • Park at the far end of the parking lot (and return your grocery cart to a farther corral).

  • When putting away laundry, take one or two items at a time - be deliberately inefficient. Same goes for unloading the dishwasher.

  • Do self checkout at the grocery store.

  • Do your own lawn care and housekeeping instead of outsourcing it.

  • Be more thorough in your chores - beat the rugs, vacuum under the couches to get a nice upper arm workout.

  • Get up and play with the kids in your life! It's a win-win situation - the children are entertained, you get valuable together time, and everyone gets a workout.

  • make a point of picking up the clutter around your home every evening. You wake up to a clean house the next day, and you get some steps in.

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