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Meet our staff!

Get to know our wonderful nurse practitioner Marjorie Davison in this Q&A session!

1) Most important question first - Dawgs or Yellow Jackets??

I am a Georgia Bulldawg born and raised! I grew up in Augusta, GA and in a family full of dawg fans; it was in my blood! I attended the University of Georgia and we still love watching and attending the games.

2) What are you doing this weekend?

Well, of course we will watch the UGA vs. Vandy game! We also plan to take advantage of this wonderful fall weather by going to the dog park with our goldendoodle and enjoying some outdoor time with our 11-month old son. On Sunday I will play tennis for my ALTA league!

3) Barring the pandemic, what would be your dream vacation destination?

Right now we are dreaming of a vacation in Ireland!

4) What's your favorite thing about your job?

I love seeing my patients every few months and helping them feel better and lead healthier lives. I think being in a field that involves seeing patients so regularly throughout the year helps me really get to know my patients and develop relationships with them, which I love.

5) What's your favorite endocrine condition to treat?

It's honestly probably diabetes. I love that there are so many different ways to treat it, and what works for one person may be different for another. It is a condition that involves more than just prescribing medication, and it continues to be one with exciting new developments and treatment options.

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